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[Avengers] Irondad & Spiderson pics/comics/images/oneshots/headcannons

Give it a chance. Reads make me happy. (my favs) Everything off GOOGLE that I find funny/cute/cool. Many/Most are like the cover. Most centered around: NØ STARKER Peter(a lot) Tony I can’t believe [[this means I made it, Spiderson STARKER is Btw, plz don’t sue if Irondad even a thing I stole something]] Shuri seems to pop up a lot. Dates Natasha is common, I guess. 12.14.18 – 11.15.19 +one or two others show up Repeat: NOTHING IS MINE UNLESS [[THE TITLE IS LIKE THIS]]. EVERYTHING IS OFF GOOGLE AND/OR PINTEREST. IF YOU WANT THE CREDIT OR WANT ME TO TAKE IT DOWN PM ME. infinity war and endgame… *deep breath* THE FANDOM IGNORES ENDGAME, AND SO WILL I. Also if you know me irl just don’t mention this. Ever. Or I will stop all contact with you.

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