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Sєвαstíαn Stαn Imαgínєs [+ Chαrαctєrs] | COMPLETED | BOOK 1 – PHOTO SET – Part 1

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COMPLETED ▪ 200 PARTS! Second book is now up for you to look at!! Various Sebastian Stan Character imagines! FEATURED CHARACTERS INCLUDE [mainly Sebastian and Bucky]: ● Sebastian Stan – FROM: Straight Outta Romania ● 1940s James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes – FROM: Marvel [CA: The First Avenger] ● Winter Soldier – FROM: Marvel [CA: Winter Soldier] ● Bucky Barnes – FROM: Marvel [CA: Civil War & A: Infinity War] ● Chris Beck – FROM: The Martian ● Lance Tucker – FROM: The Bronze ● Jefferson – FROM: Once Upon A Time ● Joshua Brummel – FROM: Ricki and the Flash ● Blaine – FROM: Hot Tub Time Machine [NO MORE CHARACTERS WILL BE ADDED] INCLUDES: ●Smut [will have a ‘[NSFW]’ on title] ●Non-smut ●Other warnings will be listed before chapter. BOOK STRUCTURE: ●One-shots ●Mini series ●Preferences REQUESTS ARE – ●Open [] ●Closed [×] NOTE: Currently editing but completed. Also, I hope to make this book get to over 2M views and over 50K votes so press that vote button like crazy bitches! Make sure to share to so I can accomplish my goal. Please don’t ask for requests! DISCLAIMER: I do not own Sebastian Stan [although I wish], and I do not own the images/gifs. They belong to their rightful owner/s. The only thing I own in this book is my ideas and my character/s. GOALS ACHIEVED {In Order}: ● 50K reads ✔ ● 1K votes ✔ ● 2K votes ✔ ● 100K reads ✔ ● 200K reads ✔ ● 5K votes ✔ ● 300K reads ✔ ● 10K votes ✔ ● 500K views ✔ ● 1M views ✔ ● 25K votes ✔ ● 1.5M views ✔ BEST RANKING: ● #2 in Civil War ● #1 in Tumblr ● #1 in Relationship Goals START AND END: ● START: 28 January, 2015 ● END: 2 July, 2020 THANKS PEEPS!


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