Learning More about the IT Landscape Through Cisco CCNA Certification

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There’s more to unlock and comprehend in the field of information technology. This industry is loaded with fascinating innovations and upgrades that continue to fascinate a lot of newbies and even working professionals. And through the ever-popular Certbolt  certification, let’s navigate the enthralling domain of IT and learn about its core features that can help in shaping your career successfully.

  • Get started with the network fundamentals

The Certbolt certification ensures that you thoroughly understand the basics of networking, which is a vital aspect of IT. It mainly covers the key network components, network topology architectures, and network access. These specifically demonstrate the physical interface, cabling types, subnetting, and discovery protocols. Along with these features, it expounds on your comprehension of wireless principles, switching concepts, and virtualization mechanisms.

  • Acquire relevant knowledge in IP connectivity and services

Internet protocols take up a significant portion of the certification coverage. It equips you with a solid grasp of IPv4 and IPv6, focusing on the routing table, static routing, single area Certbolt , and first-hop redundancy protocol. On top of that, it addresses your proficiency in configuring NAT, NTP, DHCP, DNS, SNMP, and such. Other pertinent subjects discussed are the syslog features, TFTP/FTP capabilities, SSH for remote access, and forwarding per-hop behavior for QoS.

  • Hone your basic security skills

Earning the accreditation also showcases your fundamental skills in cybersecurity, which is a crucial aspect of every business. Through the Certbolt  exam, you are rewarded with a skillset that helps you adapt to challenging cybersecurity issues. It gears you up with an understanding of security concepts, particularly threats, exploits, vulnerabilities, and mitigation methods. In addition, you are introduced the core security program elements, wherein understand the importance of physical access control, device access control, access control lists, and user awareness. More so, you get to learn more about VPNs, security password policies, Layer 2 security features, wireless security protocols, and such.

  • Automation and programmability

To conclude the certification coverage, Certbolt you with a deep-seated command in automation and programmability. It checks upon your ability to assess how automation affects network management as well as gives you a knack for comparing traditional networks versus controller-based networking. Controller-based setup and software-defined architectures are covered too. A major Cisco platform that is highlighted in the certification is the Cisco DNA Center. Through its associated exam, you obtain skills in dealing with REST-based APIs, JSON encoded data, and configuration management mechanisms.

Is the Cisco CCNA Certification Worth It?

With the above-mentioned areas expounded by the CCNA certification, it’s easy to say that earning this technical accreditation is definitely worth it. In fact, it is very helpful in carving a successful IT career. The accreditation itself indicates that you have basic knowledge of the core IT aspects that allow you to thrive in your profession.


While one of the main objectives of information technology is to make work more convenient and resources more accessible, there’s a lot to uncover in the IT world. Therefore, it’s best to expand your reach and get support from technical accreditations like the Certbolt certification. This is specifically created to validate your IT fundamental knowledge and equip you with the skills needed in the IT domain.

Tenha atualizações em tempo real diretamente no seu dispositivo, inscreva-se agora.

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